Sergei Badyuk is a well established Russian businessman and a karate champion. The holder of 8th rank in karate of KB (Kikusinkay Budokaykan), Karate Instructor, Masters of Sports and Martial Arts, business tycoon Sergei Badyuk and a famous actor of Russia has gone for working visit in Sverdlovsk Region.

Sergei's Interest in Sports and Karate

Since his childhood, Sergei was very much interested in sports and karate, he has started his training in intensive manner. When he was in Army, he had gone to 8th Separate Special Purpose Brigade of the Main Intelligence Department of General Headquarters and then to USSR. After this, he has done his education from High School of KGB. As Sergei Badyuk is one of the well-trained fighters, so he has joined the ranks of Federal Security Service and Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia. Here, he has successfully given his service for a long time.

At the time of his visit to the Sverdlovsk Region, this famous professional and sportsman has given his time towards the officers of Main Directorate of Russia for Sverdlovsk Region. As father of Sergei Badyuk has provided his valuable service in Militia, so, services associated with enforcement of law would be very much closer to him. For many days, Sergei has provided master classes for the troopers of special task units and special purpose of Sverdlovsk Regional MOI Directorate.

Sergei and his Moves

During his first meeting, Sergey has given description about his experience in close fighting. Inside the gym, he has highlighted some of the hold moves, various ways of disarming the criminals and lastly the ways of obtaining self-defense. In addition, he has given some valuable suggestions regarding selection of defense weapons and means. Sergei has got expertise in handling large numbers of difficult cases from his high service experience in specific purpose units. Firstly, the criminals have hided in blacked-out car. The difficulty involved in this case is that police were entirely unaware that somebody is present in the car.

After this, guardians were exercising fighting against one of the armed criminals, but the situation gets replicated in such manner that police officer had run out of bullets from his machine gun or bullets. However, by having essential skills and knowledge, it has been possible to overcome with such critical situation, particularly for highly trained military troopers. The next situation has been linked with the previous situation. This is because; they have taken the hostages to their room, while special purpose armed units have to disarm all of the criminals and release the people without causing any harm to them.

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